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The 10 key factors that will drive your advertising effectiveness

by Bob Brenchley on May 23, 2022 No comments

What really drives your advertising effectiveness? Professor Mark Ritson clearly lays out the 10 factors that matter and more importantly, which factors matter the most. A practical top 10 of marketing strategy well worth watching here.

But if you’re looking for the quick countdown summary in order of importance (no.1 being most impotant!), it’s:

10.Enough Research
9. A Handful of Objectives
8. Realistic Differentiation
7. Multi-Channel Mix
6. Long & Short
5. Mass & Targeted
4. Sufficient ESOV
3. Codes, Applied, Ridiculously
2. Creativity
1. Brand Size

CMFG is a big fan of Mark Ritson, if only because he brings such clarity to major marketing issues such as brand advertising effectiveness, which can seem like hugely complex issues. Make some time to watch his presentation, it’s well worth 90 minutes of focus and will give you real clarity about what does and doesn’t matter when building your brand.

Bob BrenchleyThe 10 key factors that will drive your advertising effectiveness

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