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Top B2B marketing trends for 2017

by CMFG Marketing on January 19, 2017 No comments

The B2B Agencies Benchmarking Report compiled by Circle Research, asked agency heads the simple question, ‘What will be the main trends b2b marketing trends in 2017?’

As expected, the technology focused drivers all appeared toward the top of the chart with marketing automation, personalisation and CRM enhancements all making an appearance.  What might be a little more unexpected is what’s in first place.

The biggest trend however, cited by 20% of all respondents, was B2B becoming ‘More like B2C’. That means an increasing focus on building brands, focusing on prospects and customers emotions and taking a braver and more creative approach to communication. Acknowledging whatever sectors you are working with; professional services, It, Fintech, finance, manufacturing or distribution, you are always dealing with individual human beings.

It’s not new or shiny but CMFG thinks it is absolutely the right approach. In many ways its back to basics; yes the channels and technology delivering and measuring communication continue to transform B2B marketing. But at the heart of what we do is still achieving standout creativity that grabs attention and delivers a compelling reason to buy. Without that all the communication and technology in the world becomes just so much wallpaper.

CMFG MarketingTop B2B marketing trends for 2017

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