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Video – the essential tool for B2B content

by Bob Brenchley on February 27, 2020 No comments

The rise and rise of video content format has been impressive with Hubspot research indicating that 81% of businesses use some sort of video as a marketing tool. The often slightly dull corporate ‘this is us’ video is nothing new and has been around a long time and wheeled out at events, major presentations and in the last few years on corporate sites. The real growth is using video to communicate in other areas such as ‘how to’ videos, whitepaper style content, case studies and testimonials – as well as a range of ‘live’ formats such as webinars, Q&As and even live streams.

Why has video, a relatively expensive format in a lot of cases continued to grow at such a pace? CMFG Marketing has identified three key reasons:

Senior B2B decision makers love it
That under 25s love video content has never been in doubt, its suitability for mobile makes it a natural choice. But now research indicates that it is also a firm favourite of the senior management team. Its convenience and in particular its brevity seem to be the main attractions

Google loves it
The growth in consumer popularity has led Google to prioritise video content in search. So, no SEO strategy can now be actioned without reference to video. Marketing Sherpa stats indicate videos attract 300% more traffic than text content and Insvia research indicates that a website is 53 time more likely to reach the top of Google rankings if it includes video on the home page.

Its more expensive than text!
This sounds a little counter intuitive, but videos rising importance in B2B marketing is in partly down to its relative cost. Why? The drive by B2B companies to create compelling content over the last 10 years has resulted in a huge volume of content searchable on the web… and in reality, probably 80% of it is low quality and a waste of the readers time. Video has by default become a way of sifting the wheat from the chaff. Its expense means that a lot of thought has normally gone into the content to make those few minutes as informative and as engaging as possible. So those viewing the videos have much higher confidence the content will be a worthwhile investment of their time.

Bob BrenchleyVideo – the essential tool for B2B content

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