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CMO B2B marketing priorities for 2021

by Bob Brenchley on July 30, 2020 No comments

Russ Findlay, global CMO of Hiscox shares some expert, practical advice on approaching B2B marketing budgets for the next financial year.

  • Plan for the next decade. Findlay stressed that while there are many issues at hand in the next months or year, drawing up a global blueprint for the next decade is a key.
  • Reduce complexity. There are some areas that can be streamlined, he says. “No need for everyone to reinvent the wheel.”
  • Support the regions, but not centralize marketing. “We like being nimble country-by country in order to capture the local flavour.” For example, it is now looking to shoot new ads in the UK. Findlay plans to test the creative across markets. “If it tests right, we will consider running it.” B2B specialist gyro is Hiscox agency of record.
  • Create global thought leadership programs. He will ask each region to see if they want to be on-board with global content programs. ”We don’t want to force people to be a part of something they don’t want to be a part of.”
  • Keep the advertising lights illuminated. “When things get a little bumpy, don’t shut off your advertising. It’s rule number one. We need to get out there and make sure people understand the features and benefits of our products and services.”
  • Most of all, get your brand story straight. “It’s important to understand data, but understanding storytelling is where the magic is for brands. B2B brands tend to forget about storytelling as a primary component in a marketing toolkit. It’s not as measurable and people want accountability and attribution, but numbers don’t move people, storytelling does.”

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Bob BrenchleyCMO B2B marketing priorities for 2021

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