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AI for B2B marketing – the trends

by Bob Brenchley on November 18, 2023 No comments

We all hear about the potential impact of AI for B2B marketing and some of us are already are already seeing the power of AI technology to directly support our roles. This Hubspot survey data takes a looks at the current uptake of AI and what it could do for business if fully utilised. Everything from saving time across menial repating tasks to revolutionising how B2B research can be carried out. However you are currently using AI – or not using AI, it is clear we are just at the start of somthing that will genubienly change how we operate over the next 5 years. 68% of marketing leaders at the director level and above say that if AI and automation were fully implemented in their company, the business would see unprecedented growth. That might be wishful thinking but not investing in AI will almost certainly put your business at a significant disadvantage very quickly.

Read the full report here:
Bob BrenchleyAI for B2B marketing – the trends

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