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B2B persuasion guide

Much of what we do attempts to persuade prospective customers to become actual customers. Robert Cialdini PH.D in his seminal book ‘Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion’ provides 6 clear principles to how persuasion really works. The Persuasion guide takes Cialdini’s 6 principles and shows how they can be directly applied to B2B marketing communications. Download the guide now.

B2B marketing guide

B2B marketing has changed! The last 10 years has seen a quiet revolution and there has been a fundamental shift in power to the customer. McKinsey estimates the buying process is 67% complete before there is contact with the prospect but the sale is mostly won or lost in that period, what can be done and why is business development now marketing led?  Download the guide now.

B2B content guide

Content is fundamental to the way today’s B2B customer buys. Without effective content you aren’t talking to your prospects for the majority of their buying cycle and without content you don’t have permission to talk to prospects. Find out how to make content really work as an integral part of your marketing and business development plans?  Download the guide now.

Assessing creativity guide

Creativity grabs attention, gets you noticed and makes your marketing budgets work harder. But how do you go about ensuring you develop the best creative for your campaigns? This guide looks at how you can brief, select and develop creativity more effectively. Download the guide now.

B2B go-to-market guide

Taking a new product or solution to market is a journey, a journey that needs other stakeholders around the business to be on board with a shared vision. This snapshot guide gives you a clear approach for planning Go to Market in your business. Download the guide now.

The range of Snaphot B2B Marketing Guides from CMFG have been designed as effective aide memoires for busy B2B marketing professionals. Each of the guides takes you through the essential elements required to achieve real effectiveness and results in today’s digital world. Based on experience gained across many companies and numerous industries, each guide delivers four sets of simple, practical steps that can transform your marketing to deliver real results.

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