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Does creativity really make a difference?

by CMFG Marketing on February 4, 2015 No comments

Whatever b2b sector you are operating in, you often hear that “this industry is different”, that the buyers in this sector are incredibly rationale and just need to be given the key product or service facts to make a completely informed decision. Creativity “isn’t really a priority” as the buyers know exactly what they are looking for. A recent Harvard Business Review report demonstrated this simply isn’t true… creativity makes a real difference.

There are a number of reasons creativity is incredibly important in effective marketing and to understand them marketers really need to put themselves in their prospects shoes. If they do this a few insights come up again and again: Prospects don’t know about (or care) about your organisation nearly as much as you think. They don’t understand your product or service and quite frankly haven’t got the time to understand it. And probably most importantly they shortlist and make major decisions on incomplete information much less than you would ever believe.

So what aspects of creativity cut through and resonate with time pressed prospects?

The Harvard Business Review – highlighted 4 key creativity dimensions that make a difference:

  • Elaboration – taking unexpected details and extending them
  • Artistic – artistically appealing communication, high production qualities
  • Originality – communication that is rare or surprising in its delivery
  • Flexibility – simply and originally links product to uses or ideas


At CMFG we use these dimensions to assess creative work because whatever else happens the prospect has to notice and want to engage with your communication.

CMFG MarketingDoes creativity really make a difference?

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