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Digital Marketing is Dead

by CMFG Marketing on February 17, 2017 No comments

It’s been on the cards for some time now but CMFG believes the demise of digital marketing should finally be announced. So get all your digital; strategies, digital marketing plans, head of digital and all the rest of them and bin them now. You won’t need them again.

So why is digital now ‘old school’ marketing? Certainly not because it has become any less important, quite the opposite. Digital is now such a major part of every aspect of marketing that it makes absolutely no sense to have separate strategies, divisions, budgets or job titles. Marketing and marketers now incorporate digital by default.

There will still be a requirement for specialists in technical areas and even for specific digital platforms and channels but these will be strictly junior executional roles rather than genuine marketing roles.

Mark Ritson in his now famous Mumbrella presentation ‘Beyond Digital Marketing’ on digital media and social channels at the Melbourne Business School back in late 2016 also touched on the demise of digital as a stand-alone area. Besides passionately arguing for some common sense about social media metrics and the continuing importance of TV and radio, Mark Ritson also argues that is simply doesn’t make sense to have digital marketing and marketing in different silos for the simple reason that there is hardly a non-digital medium in existence today.

So if you’re C-suite and are looking to reorganise, rationalise or refocus the marketing and business development resource within your organisation, your first step should be to look to see if you have developed digital silos. Do you have Digital Strategists? Do you have Digital Marketing specialists? Are you employing a Head of digital? Do you use separate marketing and digital agencies? And if you do? Start again with a single team that utilises all the traditional marketing focus on brand, campaigns and results … that happens to be 100% digitally literate.

CMFG MarketingDigital Marketing is Dead

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