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Fortnite One Year On

by CMFG Marketing on September 28, 2018 No comments

With 3.3 million likes on Facebook and around 125 million players around the globe, by any measure the launch of Fortnite has been an unqualified success (or huge problem possibly if you are a parent!). Originally launched in July 2017 but then updated to its PUBG copycat ‘last man standing’ format in September 2017, it’s gone from strength to strength.

With no ad campaign and very little marketing, it has achieved that success by really understanding its market and making some bold decisions at the outset: First Fortnight Battle Royale (the last man standing version of the game) was launched as a separate entity from the original game , secondly it was made available across pretty much every format immediately so everyone could join in and not just Xbox v Xbox and PlayStation versus PlayStation gaming situations as is so often the case. Thirdly the game is humorous, with so many games taking on a highly macho and violent tone, no parent was too worried if they caught a glimpse of Fortnite and most were happy to let their child carry on playing, ensuring the widest possible potential audience. Finally, the masterstroke, it was launched from the start as a totally free game so there were zero barriers to taking part, the rest was just really positive word of mouth.

Fortnite is now so influential its cultural references have started to cross into the off-line world. So if you wondered why kids talk about Orange Justice, The Floss or Durr Burger, look no further than Fortnite for the answer.

CMFG MarketingFortnite One Year On

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