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Google’s 5 Myths of B2B Marketing

by Bob Brenchley on October 22, 2019 No comments

Google’s 5 myths – for any B2B marketing agency, effectively mastering Google’s intricacies is a standard part of the service offered to clients. But it isn’t always just about algorithms; with the changing face of B2B marketing, Google propose there are 5 major pre-conceptions we have around search around who and how we target communication.

Google’s 5 myths research highlights its not a secret that the B2B audience is online, but behind the headline figures there are major changes happening;

‘We know that 89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process. On the surface, this isn’t much of a change from 2012. If we dig deeper, though, we can see that while the percentage of people using digital may have remained the same, what’s happening behind the scenes hasn’t. Approximately 3,000 B2B researchers were surveyed about their research and purchase habits as well as their use of digital (specifically, search, mobile and video). In addition, Google analysed 13 months of clickstream data from Millward Brown Digital’s desktop panel. The study, which was fielded in 2014, mirrors research from 2012, enabling us to see the shifts over the past couple of years. The results debunk a number of widely held beliefs and have major implications for B2B marketing strategies.

Discover more of Google’s 5 Myths here

Bob BrenchleyGoogle’s 5 Myths of B2B Marketing

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