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How do you sell marketing to the c-suite?

by Bob Brenchley on June 24, 2022 No comments

How should you sell marketing department to the c-suite?

Do you find yourself having to sell marketing? As a senior marketer, you often find yourself working on two fronts. On the one hand you are spearheading the commercial efforts of your business to the customer. On the other you find yourself having to sell the marketing department to the c-suite. CMFG see’s many Marketing Directors facing this challenge, so what sort of marketing leader do you need to be to be successful?

A McKinsey report states; ‘ Marketing’s big opportunity is here. CEOs are turning to marketing to drive their company’s growth agenda, and they’re giving CMOs the runway and support to do so. In a new McKinsey study,1 83 percent of global CEOs say that marketing can be a major driver of growth. For a function that has all too often been thought of as the “brand” or “advertising” arm of the business, this is a notable development. But the news isn’t all rosy. Some 23 percent of CEOs do not feel that marketing is delivering on that agenda, and the view elsewhere in the C-suite is even more mixed.

One group of CMOs, however, has figured out how to deliver on the growth promise bound by functions that sit in the marketing department. Instead, they think in terms of what we call “marketing with a capital M.” In this model, diverse areas of the organization—from sales and product innovation to finance, technology, and HR—participate in marketing’s success and see themselves as partners in its mission. As head of marketing, the CMO has a crucial role to play in driving organizations toward this vision, and the stakes are high. Our analysis reveals that a marketing organization’s ability to drive growth depends heavily on the strength of the partnerships the CMO can forge across the organization. We call these CMOs Unifiers!

Bob BrenchleyHow do you sell marketing to the c-suite?

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