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Marketing in the new normal – 6 key changes

by Bob Brenchley on October 9, 2020 No comments

McKinseys ‘Marketing in the new normal’ identifies just how COVID-19 is changing consumer behaviour and six important ways those changes will impact on the customer.  Some are significant accelerations of existing trends, white some are new… but all require serious consideration. Though primarily looking at the B2C sector, almost all the changes identified offer the potential for the way B2B marketers need to think and act in the future. Read more here

Mckinsey’s ‘Marketing in the new normal’ observes six potentially important changes in consumer behaviour. Some of them are meaningful accelerations of existing trends, some are only emerging now. What follows are suggestions for how marketers can begin to respond to them. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list, and we do not claim certainty about the duration of these changes. But we think their implications for marketers warrant careful consideration and thoughtful action:

1. Shopping: Catching up to the great digital migration to expand digital borders

2. E-services: New ‘service platforms’ to help consumers take care of business

3. Home: Finding a spot in the new ‘command central’ for all activities

4. Community: Localizing the experiences

5. Trust: Creating a space for health and affordability

6. Purpose: Holding brands to higher standards

Bob BrenchleyMarketing in the new normal – 6 key changes

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