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Marketing strategy and creative briefs – the Better Briefs Project

by Bob Brenchley on October 13, 2021 No comments

Never one to hold back in saying exactly what he thinks, Mark Ritson’s thoughts on the quality of marketing strategy and marketing briefs around today make interesting reading:

“My best estimate is that about 90% of marketers never develop a marketing strategy. Never enjoy a single strategic moment in their whole career. Never get that joined-up, red-line, taught sensation that everything is in place. Even though all of them should have a basic strategy underpinning their work, not only do most marketers have nothing, they have no idea that anything is missing.”

It appears it isn’t simply a personal view but one that has been backed up by some research by ‘Better Briefs’ ( Matt Davies and Pieter-Paul von Weiler are planners from the ad industry so clearly can be seen to be ‘on one side of the equation’. However they have significant research to prove their case which is being presented at the IPA’s EffWorks Global 2021 on October 15th 2021. For most of us in the marketing industry, it’s probably well worth taking the time to understand this research.

If you want a quick guide to better briefing and effective assessing of creative work. Download the CMFG ‘Snapshot Guide to Assessing Creativity’ here

Bob BrenchleyMarketing strategy and creative briefs – the Better Briefs Project

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