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Buying IT is changing for ever

by CMFG Marketing on July 23, 2014 No comments

At CMFG, we’re currently witnessing with a number of our clients, a fundamental shift in how IT is bought and sold.

Previously IT has always followed the traditional sales process for bespoke solutions often costing millions, with long consideration and shortlisting times and then complex formal tender processes to select the final supplier. On the supply side, the solution was normally bespoke to the prospective client’s specific specifications and required considerable development before it was ready (if it was ever completely ready!)

But Government procurement in particular has started to change all that. No longer do organisations look for bespoke solutions that they will have to pay to be developed and no longer are project implementation times measured in months or even years. Customers now demand proven, off the shelf, ready to run modular solutions that they can implement in weeks rather than months.

Initiatives such as Government’s G-Cloud led the way in the UK delivering significant procurement savings and a major reduction in project cost over runs and implementation delays. The rapid advent of Cloud computing is now bringing the off the shelf modular model in reach of not just major multi-nationals organisations but also SMEs where the cost reduction and agility can be crucial factors. Are IT companies ready for this seismic shift?

CMFG MarketingBuying IT is changing for ever

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