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Successful ads stay successful!

by Bob Brenchley on November 22, 2022 No comments

It’s a common concern among marketers that audiences will tire of their ads after multiple exposures or learn to tune them out, research (from System1) shared exclusively with Marketing Week indicates the effectiveness of ads does not decline over time. Over 50,000 video ads within its database based were anlysed looking at the ad’s potential to drive long- and short-term effectiveness.

System1’s chief customer officer Jon Evans says older campaigns and intellectual property are therefore often a brand’s “greatest and most neglected assets” He also adds: “The myth of wear-out in ads has a hidden cost. Good ads are cut down in their prime when they still have so much to offer commercially. UK marketers in particular, need to realise that re-using ads and running campaigns for longer isn’t just efficient, it’s effective too.”

Read the article here.

Bob BrenchleySuccessful ads stay successful!

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