Sustainability and CSR

Sustainability Gold Medal 2021

CMFG takes sustainability seriously; environmental, social, and ethical performance really matters to us. And as part of  supply chains to organisations big and small it matters to our clients as well. CMFG uses Ecovardis for CSR evaluation and monitoring looking at a wide range of factors including; environment, business ethics, labour and human rights and sustainable procurement.

CMFG has been awarded a Gold Medal by EcoVardis for its overall CSR performance. This is awarded companies in the top 5% of overall CSR performance.

Discover more information about EcoVardis and their assessment programme here.

Accreditation is important; sustainability reporting is growing rapidly in the European Union (EU) and requirements are becoming more stringent. The von der Leyen Commission has not only pushed forward the EU Green New Deal but has made it its distinctive trademark. On the private sector side, companies are preparing to enhance their reporting capacity to develop new key performance indicators that enable them to go beyond their traditional responsibilities and contribute to the EU’s environmental and social targets. While companies are increasingly reporting on a wide range of CSR aspects, there is still a clear lack of standardisation. In this context, investors need to be able to compare the sustainability impact of potential financial decisions.

In response, the EU has shown increasing ambition to regulate all CSR reporting. Three pieces of legislation represent its main drivers: the revision of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (renamed the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive [CSRD]), the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and the Taxonomy Regulation. Each scheme tackles the reporting issues from a different perspective.

CMFG sustainability and CSR performance
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