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The 5 principles of growth for B2B marketing

by Bob Brenchley on December 4, 2020 No comments

Building on the original research ‘The long and short of it’, ‘The 5 principles of growth for B2B marketing’ by the B2B Institute (LinkedIn) clearly highlights the proven steps to achieving real sustainable growth specifically for the B2B sector. Now there is a lot of content out there claiming to be able to shape your B2B planning, particularly at the ‘comms’ end of the process. However this one really will make a significant difference to the way you think about and approach your marketing!

Subtitled ‘Empirical Observations on B2B Effectiveness’ you instantly know why this report is different; its based on real world quantitative original research by Les Binet and
Peter Field in conjunction with the IPA, so it couldn’t have a much better pedigree. Have read and you may start to think differently about your plans to support your brand! See the full report here; THE 5 PRINCIPLES Of Growth In B2B Marketing – Empirical Observations on B2B Effectiveness

Les Binet – Having studied Physics and Artificial Intelligence at university, Les joined Adam & Eve DDB in 1987, and has devoted his career to measuring and improving the effectiveness of the agency’s advertising. Les is recognised as an expert in econometrics (aka market mix modelling), and has written extensively on how advertising works, how to make it work better, and how to evaluate it.

Peter Field –  Has spent 15 years as a strategic planner in advertising and has been a marketing consultant for the last 20 years. Effectiveness case study analysis underpins much of his work, which includes a number of important marketing and advertising texts and his pioneering work on the link between creativity and effectiveness.

Bob BrenchleyThe 5 principles of growth for B2B marketing

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