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Future of B2B Sales: The big reframe

by Bob Brenchley on January 12, 2023 No comments

McKinsey’s Future of B2B Sales: The big reframe is an excellent look at how today, sales and marketing teams have to work together differently to achieve real sales growth.

To understand the new era of sales, McKinsey spoke to more than 50 heads of sales across a range of industries in numerous geographic markets. Their insights are enlightening and a wake-up call for those wary of change. Five themes emerge from the research:

  1. Put your customer at the heart of growth
    Capture your customers and build their loyalty and trust by offering them value propositions and personalized experiences that suit their needs. This can be done with effective analytics and tailored content that emphasizes solutions and expertise.
  2. Break the channel mindset
    Single channel no longer works. Hybrid is the new standard—it offers powerful opportunities to connect with customers in ways they want.
  3. Create a scalable sales engine
    A successful sales organization is able to repeat its best practices again and again—leveraging data, technology and agile operating models.
  4. Rethink the people strategy in the age of attrition
    A new world of selling requires new sales capabilities. Talent needs to be reassessed as businesses face both the attrition brought on by the pandemic and hyper?informed customers expecting more.
  5. Make the change stick
    For transformation to truly happen, cultures, mindsets, and behaviors need to change. Leaders need to inspire the change and guide the process.

Read the article here.

Bob BrenchleyFuture of B2B Sales: The big reframe

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