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The Long and short of it

by Bob Brenchley on October 27, 2020 No comments

‘The Long and short of it’ has been described as the most important marketing paper published in the last 15 years; researched and written by Les Binet and Peter Field it looks at one of the biggest issues that has been transforming marketing teams and their functions in recent years: would marketing be more commercially¬† effective focussed on short term sales focussed activity or longer term brand focussed activity?

The obvious allure of shorter term sales focussed activity is its clear measurability, particularly with a chiefly digital delivery. Outside of the FMCG sector, longer term brand building activity where results from tracking studies are measured over years is often regarded as an indulgent, expensive luxury and ‘yesterdays’ approach to marketing. Who is right then? Their paper gives us the answer, neither is better than the other … but both approaches delivered together over time deliver the best commercial results.¬† It is a significant impact as well! So before you sit down to your next round of long term planning, read ‘The Long and the short of it’, it will change your outlook for good. If you haven’t got the time to read the whole book, read their summary in a Thinkbox presentation here


Bob BrenchleyThe Long and short of it

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