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The New B2B Buying Journey

by Bob Brenchley on September 1, 2022 No comments

The new B2B buying journey and its impact on sales?

The new B2B buying journey is the result of continual digital driven evolution over almost two decades, it’s in a fundamentally different place now than then. But has sales evolved as much and are B2B salesforces today optimised to work with the new buying behaviours? This Gartner report identifies 3 clear implications for sales & marketing which impact planning at the CSO level as well as the CMO.

  1. Your reps are a channel to customers, not the channel.
  2. Your pipeline is lying to you.
  3. You need to re-wire sales & marketing.

‘This rising tension between old-world selling and new-world buying naturally leaves CSOs asking really tough questions about data, analytics, strategy, role specialization and deal qualifications as they seek to adapt their sales organizations to today’s very different commercial landscape. For CSOs to deliver on constantly rising growth goals, however, they can’t simply get better and better at skills that matter less and less.’

Read the complete Gartner report here. 

Bob BrenchleyThe New B2B Buying Journey

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