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The state of B2B creative in 2021

by Bob Brenchley on July 11, 2021 No comments

What is the state of B2B creative today? How do marketers define and measure creativity? And what role does it play in driving sales and business success. This report by B2B Marketing is based on research from 170+ B2B marketers and gives a great insight into how creativity is currently viewed and managed in the UK. The great news is that there are simple steps CMO’s can take to ensure creativity in every sense of the word is culturally embedded in their teams. Read the report here:

“Greatness never happens in a comfort zone, so there is a clear risk in a strategy that is more focused on avoiding being boring than aspiring to be interesting. It is one of these cases where we want to play it safe but still win big, but that does not work on the stock market (unfortunately!) and it does not work in marketing or anywhere else. If we want to win big, we need to take risks and we need to leave our comfort zones, even if it means we might fail from time to time.”
Malin Liden, head of strategic programs, EMEA field marketing, SAP

Forbes wrote in 2019 that their influence lies in the way they tune into customer attitudes and industry trends, translating an ever-growing set of data points and marketing inputs into a coherent strategy for their own business, and often, a vision for the industry as a whole. To be an extraordinary marketing leader, they will most likely need to take a leap into the unknown and apply customer insights in a way that they haven’t done before. All this demands creativity.”
Dr. Christine Bailey, managing director and CMO, SMB UK & Ireland, Valitor

Bob BrenchleyThe state of B2B creative in 2021

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