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The State of B2B Lead Management 2022

by Bob Brenchley on September 16, 2022 No comments

The State of B2B Lead Management 2022

How effective are companies managing their sales leads and what are the macro trends impacting them? Top insights from the report include:

  1. Pipeline is the top priority for 2022.
  2. Few are confident their lead management syustems and processes support growth.
  3. Digital transformation of sales & marketing has accelerated, but lead management remains heavily manual.
  4. Traditional walls between departments are starting to crumble.
  5. revenue leaders are optimistic in their outlook.

The report summarises by stating; ‘After two years of reinventing go-to-market strategies to align with new market realities, many B2B leaders are optimistic about their prospects for growth in 2022. Even amidst continued market uncertainties they named (e.g., new COVID variants, supply chain disruption) and internal challenges (e.g., hiring/staffing), our survey participants overall shared a common belief that 2022 offers a turning point in pivoting to growth. Given their substantial contribution to pipeline – ranked the #1
go-to-market priority in our survey—leads will play a pivotal role in B2B growth in 2022. So how effective are our current systems and processes for maximizing the value of leads once generated? According to the 1700+ B2B growth leaders we surveyed, fewer than 18% have confidence in their ability to support 2022 revenue goals.

Read the complete ‘The State of B2B Lead Management 2022 report here. 

Bob BrenchleyThe State of B2B Lead Management 2022

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