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Things looking up?

by CMFG Marketing on August 21, 2018 No comments

The continuing stream of slightly depressing news around the Brexit negotiations saga can create an atmosphere of doom and gloom for business. But perhaps things are looking up.

A recent Lloyds Bank survey of UK business trends and opinions found a surprisingly positive picture. Confidence, sales and even exports have been experiencing an upward trend this year, and one of the sectors experiencing the most positive outlook is communications. So whatever the outcome of the negotiations (and it seems likely that everyone will come away after two years of talking with a lost-lose arrangement) we seem to be slowly realising that it probably won’t be as bad as we feared and it probably won’t impact us for as long as we feared.

See the full survey findings here . You never know it might just cheer you up.

CMFG MarketingThings looking up?

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