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Trending in 2018?

by CMFG Marketing on January 11, 2018 No comments

Off the top of your head, which is more popular Linkedin or Slideshare? Both are established social channels in the B2B arena and you would be right if you thought Linkedin was the more popular. What is more surprising is just how much more searchd Linkedin is, a quick look at the trend charts shows Slideshare hardly registers in comparrison. Makes planning decsions a little easier when focussing activity.Facebook v instagram

In the consumer sector the battle between Facebook and Instagram has seemed to be going Instagram’s way for the last 12 months and the Google search trends chart does show search for Facebook consistently falling. However Facebook is still beating Instagram in search by a factor of 5! So not beaten yet.

CMFG MarketingTrending in 2018?

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