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What opportunities from Brexit?

by CMFG Marketing on June 28, 2016 No comments

 Like many in London who run their own business, Friday 24th felt like the wheels had come off the bus. What on earth was the UK thinking about coming out the EU?

I understand that there is a level of mis-trust of EU politicians and bureaucrats but there is probably a similar lack of faith in UK politicians. On its own it just didn’t seem like an adequate reason to leave behind the considerable business advantages the EU trading area provides. Even as a small business, between 25% – 35% of CMFG’s business is from the EU, for many others it is far greater.

But there could be a silver lining if the UK government rapidly takes a pro-business line, creating a world beating business environment that multi-nationals can’t ignore, a headline reduction in corporation tax would be an obvious start but other signals to global businesses are also quickly required. A rapid approval of infrastructure projects such as Heathrow 3rd runway and HS2 implementation would not only give a clear signal globally, it would also stimulate much needed business at home.

Whatever happens, it won’t be business as usual!


CMFG MarketingWhat opportunities from Brexit?

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